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FREE Bike Health Check

FREE Bike Health Check

We will look over your bike and give you a report as to the work we believe you should have done with the cost. The bike health check will include;


  • Frame condition.
  • Handle Bar and Stem straight and tight.
  • Wheels running free and true.
  • Tyre condition and inflated to correct pressure.
  • Bottom Bracket running free and with no play.
  • Crank Arms and Pedals are tight.
  • Headset adjusted correctly and with no play.
  • Condition of Brake Blocks.
  • Brakes adjusted correctly.
  • Chain lubricated correctly and not worn.
  • Front and Rear Derailleur showing no damage.
  • Gears indexing correctly.
  • Seat and seatpost bolts tight.


After that it is up to you what you to decide what work you would like us to get done.

For more information or turn over times please call in or contact the workshop on;

0118 946 9116