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Electric Bikes

ebike UK Pedal Less and Go Further. Wether you have an injury or just need help against the hills and wind, if you would like power assistance with your pedalling then an electric assist bike is the perfect answer. These bikes have a small motor that offers the rider additional power. An electronic bike is reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain. Bosch ebike systems have been dominating the market for years but with Shimano Steps and Yamaha uping their game there is now much more choice and with Cycle Schemes opening up to electric bikes as well they are even more accessable than ever. All types of bike are now available as an eBIke including Folding Electric Bikes but by far the most popular are the electric mountain bikes represented by the best names in the business like Giant, Haibike and Focus. ebike are available in many different forms and sizes to suit every requirement and our range does not need a licence, insurance or tax because they are classed as bicycles. Why not commute to work with an electric hybrid? Get there quicker and with less sweat but still doing your exercise. If you commute, have suffered an injury or are elderly and so can not ride like you used too, a pedal assist bike could solve all of your problems. Get an electric bicycle you will not regret it. If you would like to book a test ride or talk to us further pop into the shop or contact us to find your best electric bicycle. . Find out more

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