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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  • Folding Bikes Brompton VS Dahon: Who Will Win?

    Due to the rise in popularity and demand, folding bikes have developed greatly in the past few years; resulting in vast improvements to both the quality of the bicycle itself and the performance. AW Cycles has a vast range of folding bikes to choose from including well known names such as Brompton Bikes. So if you’re interested in a fold-up bicycle; visit our bike shop in Reading, or browse through our collection online.

    Choosing Your Folding Bike

    When searching for a folding bike, it’s important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the folding design and choose a bicycle that amplifies the advantages whilst minimising the disadvantages. For example, folding bikes typically have smaller wheels which reduce their max speed; however the smaller wheels make acceleration quicker, making them ideal for urban commutes. Some might argue that they are better suited to full size bicycles when in areas with no cycling lanes as the smaller wheels empower your acceleration and enable you to quickly get up to speed when the traffic lights change from red to green. Continue reading

  • What Makes Whyte Bikes Special?

    Here at AW Cycles we stock a diverse variety of different bicycles from a wide range of cycling brands. For example, Whyte Bikes who have created many award winning bikes, including the T-130 RS which was hailed the undisputed Trail Bike of The Year.

    Who Are Whyte?

    Established in 1999 and considered by many to be the benchmark for British designed mountain bikes. Whyte Bikes are an excellent choice for anyone searching for a trail, XC, road, or even commuter bikes. In their 20 years of experience, Whyte Bikes have created many bicycles that have shattered expectations. There’s the Alp taming G170 series bike, the award-winning Wessex road bikes, and for those looking to join the cycling hobby, there’s the entry level 600 series.

    However, even when they produce bicycles for racing, they still place a high focus on creating a bicycle that provides a fun ride. Perhaps the reason why Whyte Bikes team riders are often so excited and happy to be sponsored by a company who is always searching for a faster and more exciting ride. Continue reading

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