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more than 2,000 cycling products, complete cytech workshop and profesional advice!

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Why choose us

Free Delivery

Everything over £20 that is not over weight or over sized will be shipped to you Free. Pop an Item in your cart to get a shipping quote.


No Quibbles

No fuss and no red tape, if you do need to return an item just post it back with the returns form included with your order.


Huge Selection

With two floors of bikes and accessories, we are sure we have just what you need. If not drop us a line and we will find it for you.


Great Reviews

Whether it is on line, in store sales or our workshop we are grateful for so many great reviews and they keep coming in.

About us

AW Cycles have been serving the cyclists of Reading since 1994 and have developed into one of the most respected independent cycle shops in the country. Our large showroom on two floors allows us to stock the widest selection of bikes in the area and cater for all ages and riding styles. Our continued success is founded on a passion for both cycling and customer service and our experienced, friendly staff are here to offer expert, impartial advice and find you the best deal based on your needs, desires and budget.
Road racing, mountain bikes, E-Bikes, commuters, leisure and children’s bikes, from the occasional joy rider to the pro-level athlete, we really do have something for everyone.

Popular Brands

check most trusted brands from more then 50 leading manufactures presented at our store.

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Workshop repairs and servicing carried out by expert mechanics that care about the quality and value of their work.

We have a large workshop capable of dealing with even the biggest of repairs and upgrades; this includes a performance bike department for high end bikes. Whether you need a flat tyre mended or your carbon frame upgraded we can accommodate you.

Our mechanics are experts in setting up, reparing and serving the full range of bikes on the market and are qualified to Cytech Advanced Level. As passionate riders themselves, all our workshop staff take great pride in their work and the advice they give to customers.


Free bike health check

FREE Bike Check

We will look over your bike and give you a report as to the work we believe you should have done with the cost. After that it is up to you what you to decide.

AW Cycle Super Service Bike repairs

Super Service

The complete service where we strip your bike to its bare components, clean it and rebuild it with any new bits it might need. (Parts not included)



AW Cycle Super Service Bike repairs

Full Service

Everything you need to keep your bike in good working order and safe. (Parts not included)



AW Cycle Super Service Bike repairs

Safety Check

If all you need is to check the bike over for brakes etc. to make sure it is road worthy, this is the package for you. Non-geared childrens bikes are a little cheaper at £22



AW Cycle Super Service Bike repairs

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) 

We give every one of our bikes a full check before we let them leave the shop as a free service; we can also supply this service for bikes bought else where for a small fee based on the hourly rate.



AW Cycle Super Service Bike repairs

Hourly Rate

Standard Hourly Labour Rate: £36 per hour. There is a minimum of £12 for smaller jobs



 Bike Fitting at AW Cycles

Bike Fitting

Standard fee refundable towards the cost of your new bike from us. Includes measurment session, consultancy with pick of the best bikes for you and replacement of components to make the bike as millimeter perfect as possible.



Cycle Repair Labour Charges

This price list is intended as a guide to the most common repair and servicing work you might need.

  • Prices can vary due to the specific demands of working on different types of bikes.
  • All prices include VAT.
  • Prices quoted are labour charges only, and do not include parts.



Brakes + Parts

Brake Adjust: £12

Replace Brake Pads: £9 per brake

Cable Brake Service: £12 per brake

Hydraulic Brake Service: £30 per brake

Fit New Disk Brake: £24 per brake

Fit Braided Hose: £24 per brake

Bleed Brake : £18 per brake

Face I.S. Disk Mount: £18 per mount


Transmission + Parts

Transmission Service: £30

Gear Adjust: £12

Replace Chain: £18 includes gear adjust

Replace Chain & Cassette/Block: £24 including gear adjust

Shimano DI2 Firmware Update: £24



Wheels + Parts

Hub Service: £18 per wheel

Free-Hub Change: £24

Standard Wheel True: £18 per wheel

UST Wheel True: £24 per wheel

Wheel Build(3rd party components): £42

UST Wheel Build : £48 per wheel

Wheel Build(Components from AW Cycles): £32


 Replace Inner Tube: £6 (£5 if wheel only) + Inner Tube Cost


Alfine / Nexus Hub Service: £28

Rohloff Hub Oil Change: £24



Headsets & Forks + Parts

Face and Fit Headset: £24 (£18 if frame only) 

Fit New Forks (Threaded): £30

Fit New Forks (Threadless): £24

Service Headset: £18

Send Forks / Shock For Service: £POA

Bottom Brackets + Parts

Replace BB: £24 (£12 frame only)

Face & Replace BB: £30 (£18 frame only)

Chase and Face Only: £24 (£18 frame only)


Remove Seized BB: £Hourly Rate, Minimum 1 Hour Maximum 3 Hours (please note: fee still applies even if we are unable to remove the BB)





PDI on New Bike (supplied by third-party): £ Hourly Rate, Minimum 1 Hour Maximum 3 Hours

 Fit Parts (supplied by third-party): £24 min

Custom Build: £F.O.C. (parts supplied by AW Cycles)

Custom Build (parts supplied by third-party): £140

Rear Suspension Linkage Overhaul: £60

Bar Tape: £12

Electronic Group-set Upgrade: £F.O.C.(parts supplied by AW Cycles)

Electronic Group-set Upgrade from £120 (parts supplied by third-party)

Remove Seized Seat post: £Hourly Rate, Minimum 1 Hour Maximum 3 Hours

Insurance Quote: £18 

 Hellicoil Crank Arm: £18 per Hellicoil + Parts

All Work on Electric / Mobility bikes: £POA

Remove Seized Seat post: £Hourly Rate, Minimum 1 Hour Maximum 3 Hours (please note: fee still applies even if we are unable to remove the Seat post)

 NB: Prices do not include parts.




Our bike mechanics have been awarded Cytech qualifications. Cytech is the bike industry's professional standard for cycle mechanics and technicians, developed and overseen by ActSmart and endorsed by many leading suppliers and manufacturers.

Our association with Cytech is an indication of our commitment to excellence in both our work and the advice we give to our customers.

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