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Mountain and Leisure Bike Sizing.

A general size guide for mountain bikes, commuting and leisure bicycles and children's bikes is available using the link on each product's page.

road bike Fitting

Road Bike Fitting

Road riders spend longer periods of time in one position in the saddle and so a professional fitting is vital to optimise both speed and comfort. Not only is the frame size important, proper adjustment of the handlebars and saddle are also crucial. Proper bicycle size and positioning prevent problems from arising and largely determine the cyclist’s comfort and performance level. We work with the computer-controlled bikefitting.com measuring systems to realise optimum bicycle adjustment and positioning.

Our bike fitting procedure involves an in-depth conversation about YOU and the style of riding you do. For example: the distances you ride, the kind of terrain you prefer and whether you compete or not. We take into consideration any previous injuries or problems that may affect the riding experience and specialise in providing a personal service to all our road bicycle customers, male and female, from the first time cyclist to the pro-level competition rider and from school age into the advanced years.




Cleat Shoe AdjustmentShoe Cleat adjustment

This service is worth £20 normaly, but is FREE when you buy your shoes and pedals from us. (Not compatible with other offers)

The contact points that a rider has with the bike (seat / steering wheel / pedals) are essential for optimal riding position. The Standard and Professional measurements includes the optimal adjustment of saddle, handlebars and pedals. The missing piece is the contact of the rider on the pedals, which entails establishing the optimum position for the cleats. For this we have the Shoe Cleat Adjuster (SCA) . 

  • Placement of the cleats so the ball of the foot lies exactly above the axis of the pedal to improve power transmission.
  • Through the shoe cleats, the position of the foot on the pedal is adjusted in such a way that potential twisting of the lower leg is avoided.
  • Because the ball of the foot lies exactly above the pedal, the pedal travel is optimized resulting in smoother pedaling.
  • The positioning of the ball of the foot exactly in the middle of the pedal reduces the chance of getting a burning sensation in the feet.



Standard Bike Fitting

This service is £100 normally, but is deducted from the price when you buy a bike from us. (Not compatible with other offers)

If you are paying with any of the Cycle To Work Schemes or 0% Finance then we will deduct £50 when you buy your bike from us.

The Standard Analysis calculates the ideal bicycle size and position of the cyclist. With the help of a computer drawing, each client can make an educated choice of which new bicycle fits. It can also be used to perfectly adjust an existing bicycle.

The Standard Measurement Jig is used to precisely determine eight body dimensions.

  • Height
  • Foot length left
  • Foot length right
  • Inseam
  • Torso length
  • Arm length left
  • Arm length right
  • Shoulder width


The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account.

The standard bike fitting takes about an hour and includes;

  • Full interview.
  • Full biometric measurment.
  • Analasis and diagnostic.
  • Frame look up for the closest geometries to your size.
  • Advice on the best choice for your needs.

PRO Bike fitting

This service is worth £150, but is deducted from the price when you buy a bike from us. (Not compatible with other offers)

If you are paying with any of the Cycle To Work Schemes or 0% Finance then only 50% will be refunded when you buy your bike from us.

The Professional Analysis is the most extensive service. It is specifically designed for athletes who strive for absolute optimization of physical performance or those with particular physical problems, especially related to hip, knee and ankle functions. Building on the results of a Standard Analysis, the skilled operator employs the Position Simulator to adjust for the cyclist's ideal saddle setback. 

The Position Simulator has three functions:

  • To determine the exact seat angle of the frame, which is a direct result of the ratio of upper and lower leg length. This also calculates the correct fore-and-aft adjustment of the saddle which assists optimal power transfer and a stable position on the saddle.
  • To determine an asymmertic seat position to compensate, for example, for differences in leg length which often lead to pain in the lower back area.
  • To simulate the position that the bikefitting.com computer program has calculated and to enable the client to immediately experience this improvement.

Setting Your Bike Up

When you buy your bike from us this service is FREE!

Once we have ascertained your correct measurements, labour to adjust your machine varies between a minimal charge of £20 for light adjustment of existing components, to £40 per hour in the workshop to change bars, stem and cranks, excluding the parts required.




Due to high demand, between March and October the fitting service is only available to customers purchasing a road bike from us.

The bikefitting.com Standard service is free when you buy a road bike from us. The bikefitting.com professional measurement service is also available for more experienced cyclists; please call us on (0118) 946 9117 for details.

We are keen to spend plenty of time measuring you accurately and providing expert advice on the bikes and components which are best for you.

To this end we will need an hour of your time. You will need to wear some snug fitting cycling shorts and a sleeveless top such as a vest, gilet or singlet top, if required we can lend you suitable clothing. Please bring along your cycle-specific shoes and let us know the pedals you will be using with the bike. If you do not have any we can advise what options would be suitable – you don’t need to buy any shoes or pedals, we just need to know what you are likely to be using for the measurements.

To make an appointment contact our road bike department who will book your bike fitting appointment as soon as possible. Bike fitting takes place from 9:30am with latest appointment at 4:30pm from Monday to Friday, and extended times on Thursday from 9:30am with latest appointment at 6pm, so we can usually accommodate a time that suits you.

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