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Headset Spacers

Headset Spacers Headsets are the part of the bike that fit through the head tube and allow you to turn your front wheel using bearings. There are two main types; threaded and ahead. Threaded headsets are designed to work with the older quill stems. The forks screw straight into the headset inside the headtube and the stem attaches straight into the headset. Most manufacturers no longer produce bikes that are compatible with these headsets, but we make sure that we still stock enough to service the bikes that still run with threaded headsets. The second type that nearly all bikes use these days are ahead headsets which come in many forms. Internal & External Headsets The main distinction is whether the bearings are external, where most of the headset is visible or are internal and hidden, where the workings of the headset are found within the headtube in the frame. We stock all kinds of headsets to fit all types and sizes of bike from the broad range that companies such as FSA offer, to the exclusivity that only companies like Chris King can offer.
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