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Legwear For winter riding when the weather can be nasty we stock a range of trousers and tights to suit all conditions and disciplines. For road riding and XC mountain biking, lycra provides the most amount of comfort. Manufacturers produce tights in many different forms both with a bib or a normal lycra tight that ties at the waste. Thickness of Material The tights come in varying thicknesses and fabrics. Some have a simple cotton layer for Spring and Autumnal days when the temperature is just a bit too cold for shorts, while other thick tights have windproof materials lined with a fleece to allow for riding in the harshest of conditions. Alongside these are baggy trousers that come in many forms, with most designed to be worn as an outer layer to protect the rider from rain the wind and rain. Many are fully waterproof and suitable not just for riding but other outdoor activities such as walking. Casually Fashionable For down hill MTB riding, BMX riding or any sport where fashion is a big factor we stock trousers that can be worn either on the bike or casually. At AW Cycles we try and cater for all areas of the sport, no matter what the rider’s specific needs. We stock trousers from a large range of manufacturers such as Altura, Nike, Adidas, Endura, Campagnolo and Assos.
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