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Bike Lube One of the most important parts of your bicycle to maintain and keep working efficiently and most importantly, safely is the bike chain and running components. Bike lube should preferably be applied after every use or at the very least once a week if using the bike regularly; especially in the wet. The chain should be maintained with a degreaser and an old rag, before applying a synthetic lube. Recommended Lubes The lubes are important as they should not be water-based like WD40; these will actually dry your chain out. All the lubes we sell and recommend are designed for use on bikes; some for extreme wet conditions and others for dry conditions. For further information on the correct lube for the type of riding that you are doing, contact one of our mechanics who will be able to advise you. Greases & Lubrication At AW Cycles we stock various greases to keep the rest of your components working smoothly, thus increasing their life span. You can find bike Lubrication from manufacturers such as Finish Line, White lightning and X-Lite.
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