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Since 1981 in the North Shore Vancouver mountains, Rocky Mountain have been using their passion for mountain biking to create their high performance rocky mountain bikes.


The History Of The Brand


Founded by Grayson Bain, Jacob Heilbron, and Sam Mak, Rocky Mountain was the first business to create a fat tire bicycle in Canada, which was called the Sherpa. This isn’t the only accolade for the brand; the Canada’s first World Cup was won by Alison Sydor on a Rocky Mountain bicycle.


Why Choose A Mountain Bike?

If you’re searching for a bicycle to tackle off-road and trail environments, mastering steep climbs for adventure, exercise, or sport; a mountain bike is the ideal choice.


With a mountain bike, there are two choices to choose from – hardtail and full sus. A Hardtail bicycle only has suspension at the front of the bicycle, providing the rider with excellent climbing and pedalling efficiency. However the full sus bike allows the rider to cover more technical terrain at higher speed and with more confidence due to having suspension at both the front and rear of the bike.


The Different Models Of Rocky Mountain Bikes


  • XC
    These bicycles are built for speed and efficiency, with two different ones to choose from, the element and the thunderbolt. The element is designed to excel at the in short track racing, providing the rider with high speed. On the other hand, for those who would like a trail bike in the XC range, the thunderbolt would be more suitable. This bicycle travels up technical climbs with ease; empowering you to tackle the trails you’ve always wanted to.

  • Enduro
    The Enduro range are built for efficiency, providing the rider with a fantastic mountain biking solution for both mountain lines and EWS racing.  The Slayer model in the Enduro line is ideal for rugged terrain, its expert design providing phenomenal pedalling efficiency and a remarkable ability to hold speed. This bike is at home when the trail points downwards and you need a high quality and predictable bike to navigate the difficult terrain.

  • Trail
    If you’re searching for a versatile bicycle to tackle the difficult climbs on technical trails, the Trail range has a wide selection of all terrain bicycles to choose from.

    If versatility is your primary goal, the Instinct variant provides a stable yet aggressive ride on off-road trails. Thanks to the next-generation features that are included in this model, the pedalling efficiency is noticeably increased. Additionally, as the tire size has been increased and the wheels have been stiffened, this bicycle has all the tools it needs to conquer mountain lines.

    However, if you would prefer an electric-assist mountain bicycle, the Altitude Powerplay might be the ideal choice for you. It offers the rider superb handling as you would expect from such a high quality and skilled manufacturer as Rocky Mountain. It feels like a proper mountain bike, with toque, low centre of gravity, and a fully optimised suspension; however the electric assistance provides a powerful drive to your biking experience. Ideal for people who need a helping hand on the trail, but still want to enjoy the mountain biking experience.

  • Fat Bike
    Fat bikes are ideal for off-season biking. Their wide tires provide fantastic traction on snow or other items of mixed terrain, making them ideal for mountain biking in tough conditions during winter. The Suzi Q model is provides the user with two choices of fat wheels, 27.5 Fat and 29+. This makes the bicycle ideal for users who want to race fat bikes, or riders who want to enjoy local singletrack loops.

    Additionally, as the Suzi Q is a Rocky Mountain bicycle, you gain the high quality that you would expect from such an expert mountain bike manufacturer. The Suzi Q is more efficient than traditional fat bikes and also provides the rider with a more comfortable ride thanks to the compact chainstay and extended reach.

Rocky Mountain Bikes – Chosen By Champions


Numerous professional bikers choose to ride rocky mountain bikes. One such individual is the self-proclaimed big mountain rider, Thomas Vanderham. For over 10 years he has been a mainstay in freeride mountain biking; placing in the top ten every Red Bull Rampage every held!


Another rider in the Rocky Mountain roster is Carson Storch, who placed 1st at the Colorado freeride festival Slopestyle event in 2015; however this talented individual also has a background in riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, and racing BMX – clearly a gifted man.


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Purchase With Confidence Thanks To Our No Fuss Returns


We’re committed to providing our customers with both high quality cycling equipment and customer service. So if you choose to purchase a mountain bike from our online store, there’s no red tape and no fuss. If you need to return an item, just post it back with the returns form included with your order.


Additionally, if you visit our team in store, you can also take a bicycle for a quick test ride. Also, should you decide to purchase the bike, our team of experts can adjust the bicycle to make sure that it is optimised for you and your unique riding style.


Any Questions? Give Us A Call Or Visit Our Shop


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