Bikes and Frames

There are so many types of bikes that it can be difficult to know where to start. We have put together this guide that hopefully will give you the knowledge you need to decide between a Downhill Full Suspension bike or a Single Speed Track Bike.

The menu below is split into different cycling disiplines and bike types to help you find the information you need and of course - we are here to help you. 




Electric Bikes

If only cycling did not involve so much effort, well now id doesn't. Pedal less and go further with power assisted bike.


Road Bike Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Road and Performance Bikes

The Formula 1 of the bike world, the iconic shape of the drop handle bars is not just for road bikes but also cyclocross, endurance, audax, and touring as well as commuting bikes.

 Mountain Bike Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Mountain Bikes

The mountain bike is the most sought after bike for its all round application but they can be just as specialised as any other type of bike. From Full Suspension downhill to easy to ride commuting the mountain bike has many shapes and forms.

 Cyclocross Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross is a strange mix of off road riding and road cycling, and so requires specifically designed bikes for all-terrains. They share many similarities with road bikes, but with some fundamental differences omtimising them for the style of riding cyclocross demands.

 Hybrid and Commuter Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Hybrid and Commuting Bikes

Combining the best features of Road bikes and Mountain bikes, Hybrid bikes aim to give the rider a versatile, good all-rounder, perfect for those that need to commute.

 Children's Bikes Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Children's Bikes

From early learner bikes for the youngest of cyclists in every size all the way to full sized bikes to acomodate all the age groups.


 BMX Bikes Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

BMX Bikes

Specialised with smaller frames and tyres, BMX bikes are optimised for stunt-riding, be it a dirt track, flatland or skate-park.


 Women's Road Bike Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Women's Road Bikes

Women's road and performance bikes are fitting according to the female physique. Many manufacturers retail women's bikes simply as men's bikes with reduced dimensions. Know what too look for here.

 Track Bikes Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Track Bikes

Designed for speed on the track, these bikes have no brakes and only one gear ratio to transmit as much power to the rear wheel as possible. A bike suitable to track racing may not be as much as you think, so read here for more infomation.

 Time Trial Bikes Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Time Trial Bikes

Time trial bikes are engineered to be lightweight and aerodynamic, and feature some unique additions compared to bikes used in other disiplines. These things need to be kept in mind when looking for a time trial bike.

 Rigid Bikes Buyer's Guide at AW Cycles

Rigid Bikes

A rigid bike is a bicycle that has no suspension. Look over the advantages and disadvantages in this buyer's guide.

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