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  • Kids Bikes

    It’s very important that you encourage your child to ride a bike whilst they’re young. Learning to cycle as a child can help to establish healthy exercise habits that could stay with them for life. Also, in addition to the physical fitness benefits, cycling can also help to improve your child’s learning development and mental health.

    However, as children grow fast, it’s important to choose a kid’s bike that meets their needs for their height and age. Here at AW Cycles, we stock every type of children’s bicycle to guide a child through their development in cycling. We also stock specialist learner bikes to help a child develop their co-ordination. Continue reading

  • Folding Bikes Brompton VS Dahon: Who Will Win?

    Due to the rise in popularity and demand, folding bikes have developed greatly in the past few years; resulting in vast improvements to both the quality of the bicycle itself and the performance. AW Cycles has a vast range of folding bikes to choose from including well known names such as Brompton Bikes. So if you’re interested in a fold-up bicycle; visit our bike shop in Reading, or browse through our collection online.

    Choosing Your Folding Bike

    When searching for a folding bike, it’s important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the folding design and choose a bicycle that amplifies the advantages whilst minimising the disadvantages. For example, folding bikes typically have smaller wheels which reduce their max speed; however the smaller wheels make acceleration quicker, making them ideal for urban commutes. Some might argue that they are better suited to full size bicycles when in areas with no cycling lanes as the smaller wheels empower your acceleration and enable you to quickly get up to speed when the traffic lights change from red to green. Continue reading

  • What Makes Whyte Bikes Special?

    Here at AW Cycles we stock a diverse variety of different bicycles from a wide range of cycling brands. For example, Whyte Bikes who have created many award winning bikes, including the T-130 RS which was hailed the undisputed Trail Bike of The Year.

    Who Are Whyte?

    Established in 1999 and considered by many to be the benchmark for British designed mountain bikes. Whyte Bikes are an excellent choice for anyone searching for a trail, XC, road, or even commuter bikes. In their 20 years of experience, Whyte Bikes have created many bicycles that have shattered expectations. There’s the Alp taming G170 series bike, the award-winning Wessex road bikes, and for those looking to join the cycling hobby, there’s the entry level 600 series.

    However, even when they produce bicycles for racing, they still place a high focus on creating a bicycle that provides a fun ride. Perhaps the reason why Whyte Bikes team riders are often so excited and happy to be sponsored by a company who is always searching for a faster and more exciting ride. Continue reading

  • Folding Bikes – 3 Reasons Why You Should Ride One

    Are you considering purchasing a folding bicycle such as the famous Brompton Bikes? Unsure if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    To give you some food for thought, here’s a quick list of 3 reasons why you should choose a fold-up bike.

    3 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Folding Bike Continue reading

  • Advantages Of Electric Bikes

    The AW Cycles online store stocks a wide range of different electric bikes including some made from the well-known eBike manufactures. One such manufacturer is Haibike, a business with over 20 years of experience and the ability to draw upon almost 100 years of experience from their parent company WinoraGroup.

    4 Advantages Of Riding An eBike

    This method of transport has become more popular over the past years. However, if you’re unsure if an eBike is the right choice for you, here’s a quick list of some of the advantages of electric biking to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading

  • Professional Cyclists Who Ride Bianchi Bikes

    Want to cycle like a champion? These cycling professionals reached cycling glory riding steeds made from the prestigious cycling brand, Bianchi Bikes.

    Professional Cyclists Who Ride Bianchi Bikes

    As one of the oldest bicycle manufacturing companies still in existence with over 130 years of history, so it’s no surprise that Bianchi has been associated with both Tour de France winners and Giro d’Italia winners. Some of the professionals who ride Bianchi bikes include the following: Continue reading

  • The Best Cycling Trails in Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland offers a range of locations suitable for all types of cyclists, from families with children, to those that take a more professional approach to the sport. Cycling can be a great way to destress, and Northern Ireland is well known for its scenic cycling routes, the majority of which are completely free of charge to enjoy. We’ve rounded up some of the very best.

    1. Divis Ridge Trail

    This trail is situated off a public road and is suitable for everyone. You’ll find walkers on this road too, though, so you’ll need to be considerate when cycling. The Divis Ridge Trail is a mountain trail is approximately 5 miles long and circular. On your cycle, you’ll be able to take in the stunning views of Belfast City from Divis mountain, which also looks out on the Mourne Mountains and Scotland in the distance. There are also facilities to be found on the route, so you can stop off for a quick break and enjoy a tea or coffee whilst taking in the surroundings.

    2. Castle Rock/Downhill

    If you fancy exploring, this is the route for you. On this route, your journey starts at Castle Rock, a rather small seaside village located in Coleraine. The straight route follows to Downhill Forest and is approximately 2 miles long. It’s a short, easily conquered journey, however, you should be mindful of the roads you’ll need to cross to reach Downhill Forest.

    On this route, you will pass the famous Mussenden Temple, Gortmore Viewpoint and many other scenic spots and tourist attractions. If you want to make the most of the surroundings, you can of course plan a few stops along the way to explore the area in a little more depth.

    3. Islandmagee

    Grab your bicycle, hop on a ferry at Larne and head to the stunning peninsula on the east-coast of County Antrim, Islandmagee. Here, you can cycle around the whole island, which is great news if you’re keen on seeing everything it has to offer. The route is approximately 17 miles long, and follows along Browns Bay, a popular sandy beach that’s a perfect spot to stop for lunch and watch the ferries travelling between Larne and Scotland.

    This route is ideal for the whole family and can be completed in one day. Alternatively, you might decide to stay and enjoy a longer trip, completing the route bit by bit every day. The scenic and historic sites here will be of interest to the whole family. There are also country roads scattered across Islandmagee, making cycling enjoyable and safe for everyone.

    Written by Stuart Cooke, blog writer at UniBaggage.com. They help cyclists send their baggage ahead, taking the stress out of their cycling adventures.

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