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Folding Electric Bikes

Folding Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular so it only makes sense that a folding version would as well. Electric bikes, e-bikes, power assisted bikes or pedelec’s, what ever you call them they are great for that extra assistance when pedalling but just like normal bikes can be cumbersome when getting on a train, storing away or taking into the office. The solution is a folding electric bike, packing up in half the size in most cases and some even smaller, the task of transporting is made a lot easier.

If you have limited space at home or your boss doesn’t provide an area to store your bike then the option to compact your bike is very interesting. Imagine leaving your e-bike under your desk or bed until you need it. With public transport making the most of their space and town centres banning or charging for use of their roads and car parks a folding electric bike is a valuable tool to have stored away in the boot of a car As with a normal folding bike the electric version uses a combination of hinges to “fold” the bike up into a reduced area ready to be popped into a cupboard or taken on the bus with you. Most electric folding bikes keep the same battery life, speed and distance as their larger brothers but there are also versions with smaller batteries to make the load even lighter. Special bags and boxes can also be found to protect the bike and even provide small wheels that make moving the bike a simple task. When buying an electric folding bike you will need to take into account the usual considerations for an electric bike as well as the folded size and ease of folding. Having a measurement of the place you wish to store the bike and asking if you can have go folding it up in the shop will help you pick the right one for you.

Most folding electric bicycles come with mudguards and a rack to carry your stuff which all adds to the comfort and practicality of this type of bike. You can buy safely and with confidence at AW Cycles, all our folding electric bikes conform to EN15194 and are covered by EAPC requirements which means you can ride them on cycle paths and anywhere else pedal bikes are allowed.

At up to 15 mph these bikes give you freedom and speed without the need for a driving license or vehicle registration, you don’t even pay vehicle tax because they are bicycles. Commuting is the perfect opportunity to get fit and save time and money by cycling in. Many people find this a hassle what with getting sweaty and having to find a place to store the bike. This can all be solved by using an electric bike that folds up, this way you will hardly break a sweat and the bike can be stored practically anywhere. Holidaying with a bike also has its draw backs, most prominent of which is the space required to transport it with you, using a power assisted folding bike you can minimise the space needed in your car or caravan and get to see more sites with less effort. Deliveries in town centres can be a problem but more and more companies are using electric bikes to get closer to their customers with smaller orders.

Using a folding bike makes storage in the back of a van a better proposition. Injuries can make sport a problem but with the help of power assisted folding bikes many people are finding cycling a real opportunity to keep fit without stressing injuries or filling the garage up with large equipment. Urban cycling is very specific and where a foldable powered cycle comes into its own.

People do not get sweaty on the flat but up hill and starting from stop, extra power at these points can mean you get to your destination with your suit or t-shirt as clean as when you left. Plus if you can pop the bike into your rucksack everything starts to make sense.


For more information on our folding electric bikes, or to speak to our team about any other bikes we have in stock, please call us on 0118 946 3050 or email us at info@awcycles.co.uk

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