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Road and Performance Bikes

Road bikes (also known as racing bikes or drop-handlebar bikes) vary greatly in specification and price, from entry level touring bikes to high performance racing bikes. The road bike industry has such a rich and deep heritage that specific bikes are designed and marketed for almost every possible use. The AW Cycles Road Bike Buyer’s Guide provides a wealth of information to help you buy your first (or twenty-first!) road bike.


Buying A Road Bike

As with all cycling disciplines, the most important factor in your bike purchase is the size – your new bike must fit your unique dimensions. Ideally this means you need to be professionally measured and to physically interact with the bikes you are considering buying.


Road Racing Bikes

Benefits of buying a bike that fits:


  • Efficiency

    – The human body is limited in the power it can generate, so it’s important to make the most of it. This means choosing a bike and setting it up in a way that maximises the biomechanics of your individual body.

  • Comfort

    – You can ride for longer before experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

  • Speed

    – The greatest drag effect is caused by the rider, not the bike. A correctly fitting bicycle will enable the rider to present the most aerodynamic profile to the wind.


Once the fitting process has taken place and an understanding of your preferences and racing / riding style has been obtained, the AW Road Bike Experts will create a shortlist of three cycles to fit your unique dimensions. This will represent the best value for money in the current market.You can buy a road bike either as a production bicycle or a custom built cycle:

  • Production bikes are sold as a complete package (frame, groupset, wheels, handlebars, saddle / seatpost) and usually represent great value for money. You can still customise stem length, crank length, handlebar width and saddle position.

  • Custom built bikes offer the ultimate flexibility. You can choose individual components, for example the groupset, wheels, handlebars and cranks which suit you best.

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