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Track Bikes

Track Racing

Track bikes represent the purest form of bicycle technology with just one gear and no brakes. The cycle simply transmits the rider's power into the rear wheel. Strength and rigidity take precedence over weight in the absence of hills or rolling terrain. Similarly, comfort is not a primary concern as races and training sessions are limited in duration.

Steel is still a popular material for entry-level track bikes, alongside aluminium for mid-range bikes and carbon for high specification track cycles. Fit is crucial so we recommend you custom pick the manufacturer accordingly and then tailor the bike. 

An complete entry level track bicycle need only cost £400. A good example is Bianchi Pista. This offers highly affordable racing to first time riders, with Italian styling included!Track bike 01   Track Bike 02A mid-range track bike costs around £1000. Giant Track, Fuji Team and Felt Track are aluminium which makes them marginally stiffer and more aerodynamic.At the top end of the range, track cycles range from £1300-£3000. The Isaac Velocity is an excellent high specification track bike and benefits from a dual purpose set up; idea for the track (pursuits or sprinting) and as a fixed gear time trial bicycle with minimal adaptation.

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