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Pedals and Cranks


There are 3 main pedal systems in widespread use in road cycling. Look, Time and Speedplay.

Clipless PedalsAll are what is known as 'clipless' pedal systems. This is a technology that has transferred from the ski industry and was developed by Look of France. The original pedals first introduced in 1985 locked the shoe into the pedal with very little lateral movement or rotation.

Time PedalsTime in 1988 introduced their version, which allowed a certain amount of rotation taking pressure off the knees to allow a more natural pedaling movement. Further developments by both firms have resulted in a pedal being available for all types of riding style. Look has licensed their technology to both Campagnolo and Shimano over the years, so are amongst the most prevalent system in use.

The newest system to become widely used is Speedplay, differing from the other manufacturers by having the release system in the shoe plate rather than in the pedal. These are available with various degrees of movement or fixed position. All pedal types can be used with the traditional 3 hole shoe fittings that we stock.Speedplay Pedals

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