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Guide to Saddles

Saddles and You

If you like cycling your bum will send quite a bit of time in the saddle, it makes sence then to send a bit of time finding the right one for you.


Bicycles saddles come in a variety of shapes and materials depending on your riding style and size. Racing bikes whether off road or road tend to have a thinner profile and light weight while leisure and commuters tend towards a more padded aproach. Leather is seen a lot especialy with classic bikes and nylons and polyesters are seen more for the all weather crowd.


How to measure for a saddle? We have a great tool for this in store, no appointment is needed and it is very unitrusive. All you will need to do is sit on a box for a couple of seconds, with your clothes on don't worry. An imprint of where the force is being applied will be left which we use along with your riding style to find the correct saddle for you. 


For the more serious or competative riders we also have a saddle demo scheme where you can try test saddles on your bike until you find the one that works for you. we the swap it for the full version. Of coures the secret to saddle comfort when racing is in the shorts and the pad you use, we can help with this as well.


For more information please pop in or contact us


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