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Cycling Shoes and Overshoes

Cycle shoes are made especially for bikes and do not generally resemble typical walking shoes, being lighter with thinner soles that usually incorporate cleat fittings so the cycling shoes fit clipped on top of your bike pedals. This fit prevents the foot from slipping off, allowing for more pedal control and a smoother, balanced spinning action.

There are several styles of cycling shoes that have been designed for different bicycles and for different uses by the wearer. The appearance of bicycle footwear resembles a typical running shoe but with less bulk.
Quality, lightweight biking shoes are designed with thin, breathable fabrics for comfort and stiff soles for efficient power transfer to the pedals. For more casual riding styles like dirtjumpers and BMX bikers, cycle shoes tend to avoid the clipless, cleated option and are more like normal shoes or trainers. This allows the rider to easily remove his or her feet from the pedals without fuss when hitting jumps or flatland freestyling.
Normal, everyday shoes can of course be worn, but those designed specifically for cycling will provide better grip and pedal power.

Cyclists who enjoy their bike year round will no doubt already be familiar with overshoes. These shoe covers can be insulated and wind and water-resistant, resembling a small bootie or shell that is worn over your choice of cycling shoe as extra weather protection. They are made to keep the elements out and the warmth in. Their lightweight material and design are made to maximise aerodynamics while fully utilising the pedal attachment.

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