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Cyclocross Clothing

There are many things to consider when getting your clothing together for Cyclo Cross Racing. In some respects, it is similar to road-racing clothing, but, since Cyclo Cross is undertaken in the colder months, you should also focus on warmth. The unique aspects of the sport should be factored into your dress code too, ensuring that you cater to its specific requirements.


Cycling Helmets

As well as the standard safety equipment, such as Cycling Helmets and Body Armour, it might be an idea to consider using a shoulder pad. If you attach it to your outfit – inside the right shoulder – so that you can carry the bike without causing yourself too much discomfort, you’ll make life on the track a lot easier for yourself. Protection, as well as comfort, should be ensured when picking out Cyclo Cross Clothing.


Skin Suits

Because of the colder weather, Skin Suits are ideal for locking in warmth during the race. Another plus point of using tight-clinging clothing is that you are less likely to get yourself tangled up on stray branches and shrubbery. Loose-fitting clothing might also slow you down and give you less freedom to move naturally. Of course, extra layers, like Jerseys & Tops, should also be considered – to normalise your body temperature.


Cycling Shoes

Your best bet is Mountain Bike Shoes when it comes to Cycling Footwear, as the traction will, unlike with smooth-bottomed Road Racing Shoes, allow you to run efficiently and without detracting from your ability to ride. Toe studs can also be used to help with uneven terrain and steep, muddy slopes. Ensure that you find it comfortable both to ride and run in the shoes you choose.

There are a number of different styles and variations on Cyclo Cross Clothing, ensuring that you can still pick out something to your individual fashion taste that is functional and comfortable too.

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