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Mens Cycle Clothing

There are a number of key factors that need to be considered when entering into the manifold world of men's cycle clothing. We want you to be as happy as possible in the saddle, so we've put this guide together to help you make the right decisions in what to wear.

Basic Men's Cycle Clothing

First, when picking your clothing, consider the weather. A cotton t-shirt would be of little use on a wet Wednesday in Burnley, in much the same way that full waterproofs may become a hindrance when it's 28ºC in the shade. When it does happen to be wet (and with 52% of British days being overcast, it is a possibility), then perhaps some full-length, non-Lycra trousers might be advisable. We stock many mens varieties from brands like Endura and Northwave, all of which come in a choice of colours and five different sizes and are cut specifically for men.

For those rare occasions when the sun shines and the roads, parks and trails are dry, you may wish to consider one of our range of casual t-shirts, perhaps coupled with a choice from our wide range of shorts, which range from the trend-setting baggy mountain bike shorts from industry leading companies like Endura and Fox Riders, to the professional Lycra road shorts manufactured by forward-thinking companies like Campagnolo and Colnago.

The second consideration is twofold: terrain and route. A screaming thrash through the New Forest will require radically different attire from a gentle punt to and from work. Tight, rugged clothing would be preferable if you're the kind of guy who enjoys throwing your bike down a verdant Welsh valley, but something sturdy and more comfortably baggy maybe the better option for the daily work-run. Either way, you can benefit from the versatile fabrics and materials that are being manufactured by some of the biggest industry names; fabrics like the ultra-modern polyester weave produced by Fox, or the highly aerodynamic materials used in the more professional, fitted all-in-one body suits.

Stylish Cycle Accessories

Often overlooked when it comes to picking cycle clothing are the items that complete the outfit while providing subtle comments about your sense of style. Your choice of eyewear is of utmost importance for your visibility, but they also decide just how cool you look. High-street sunglasses have a tendency to fall off your face when you go over humps and bumps, so specialist shades are essential. In fact, if you want to guarantee your eye protection does indeed stay on your face, you may want to have a look at the goggles that are currently being produced by companies like Zeal, which also come in handy in heavy rain.

Men's Cycling Shoes

Next, and perhaps most importantly: shoes. Making the right choice in footwear is absolutely essential. If the sole is too thin for your tastes then pain may result from applying pressure to the pedal, which will, in turn, result in a reluctance to put much force into your down-stroke, costing you significantly in terms of speed, and probably generally ruining your day. Therefore, you need to match your shoe both to your bike and to your riding style, not to mention ensuring you select the right size.

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