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Protective Cycling clothing

Protective Cycle Gear

'Safety first' is a maxim with which most child cyclists are familiar - and for good reason, since a recent survey of Accident and Emergency departments of hospitals across Britain revealed that a little over 50% of all cycling accidents involve injuries to the face and head. Therefore taking your time to decide which safety equipment you need is as important is selecting the type of bike you will ride.


Cycle Helmets

The most obvious and necessary piece of safety equipment is the helmet. Coming in many varying types and styles, helmet selection has never been so intuitive. BMXers and downhill mountain bikers will generally opt for the full-face helmet, which is designed to protect the jaw as well as the skull, and is often worn with goggles, while commuters and fun riders will general opt for either a mountain bike helmet with it's peak or a road helmet without.

Reflective Clothing

For riding in the early mornings, in the evenings, or in poorly lit areas it is important for your bike safety to consider a fluorescent jacket or any other form of reflective clothing, including the reflective, belt, reflective trouser bracelet, not to mention cycle lights. While cycle helmets will protect you in the event of an accident, these reflective measures may well help to prevent the accident in the first place by keeping you safe and visible to other road users, and as such deserve serious consideration.

Cycle Safety Accessories

For inner-city cycling, and for sufferers of asthma and hay fever, a face mask may be the ideal way to assist comfortable breathing in the saddle by reducing and limiting the amount of airborne hazards that can be inhaled when you're cycling - and therefore, breathing - hard.

Body Armour

It's important that your feet don't slip from the pedals, so grippy, comfortable cycle shoes or trainers are important, as are sunglasses to protect your eyes, and more information about these can be found in their respective sections.

For downhill mountain bike enthusiasts, rigid body armour might be necessary. Protection is available for the entire body, from knee and shin guards to full torso and spine defenders to reduce the risk of serious injury, as well as wrist guards to nearly eliminate sprains and breaks. Manufactured using cutting edge materials, they, like helmets, are light, flexible and strong.

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