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Summer Clothing

To fully enjoy cycling through the summer months, it is vital that cyclists wear the right gear. Whilst capes and leg warmers are the order of the day in the cold conditions of winter, summer requires a wholly different range of clothing in order to cycle comfortably in the rising temperatures.

Clothing at AW Cycles

Keeping Cool in the Saddle

There are a number of garments that are designed to keep you cool whilst you ride. Undervests perform a dual purpose; whilst in the winter they act as an extra layer keeping the body warm, in the summer they actually keep the body cooler by taking moisture away from the skin.

Short-sleeved and sleeveless cycling jerseys are ideal for summer conditions, allowing the rider extra freedom and maneuverability. Much like the undervests, a number of the jerseys have the ability to take sweat away from the body, which subsequently keeps the rider cool and dry.

Inclement Weather

In the changeable conditions of a British summer a gilet can be a useful piece of clothing. Worn either as an additional layer (mainly in the winter) or as a main garment, the gilet is similar to the winter cape, keeping out the elements and keeping the wearer warm. However, unlike its winter counterpart, it is short sleeved and more adapted to milder conditions.


Clothing at AW Cycles

Keeping Hydrated

In summer when temperatures become increasingly milder, keeping hydrated whilst riding is essential. Therefore a useful addition to the dedicated summer cyclist's armory could well be a hydration system, such as those produce by Camelbak. Working as a bladder in a rucksack with a tube to the cyclists mouth, the hydration system is indispensable for many bikers, particularly those who can't (or won't) carry a bottle.

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