Cycling Accessories

Bicycle accessories

We also know how important it is to protect your bike, which is why we sell a large variety of locks at all security levels to stop even the most determined thieves. Even if they do manage to steal your bike we sell security tags to increase the chances of the cycle being recovered.

Stocking Only The Best Brands

For riding in bad light or the dark, our extensive range of lights which includes dynamos and battery lights to incredibly powerful rechargeable lights, will allow you to ride through the darkest wood. Some models are so bright that they have to be dipped so as not to blind oncoming drivers. We deal with all the biggest and best brands such as Abus, Blackburn, Cateye, Datatag, Finishline, Hamax, Garmin and many more to give you the largest amount of choice no matter what your requirements.

 Pannier Bags at AW Cycles

Bicyle Bags and Panniers

To carry all your personal belongings on your bike without having to overload a cumbersome rucksack, manufacturers design their bikes to accept pannier racks. Here you can also find handlebar and seatpost bags, as well as hydration packs.

 Bicycle Pumps at AW Cycles

Bicycle Pumps

Keeping air in your tyres is an essential part of cycling as quite simply, without air you can’t ride your bike! From hand pumps or floor pumps - even compressed CO2 operated pumps, we've got you covered.

Water Bottles and Cages at AW Cycles

Cycling Water Bottles and Cages

A vital aspect to consider when riding, no matter how far you are going or what type of bike you are on is hydration. By drinking regularly you can maintain your performance and ride further and faster. The best way to take on fluid on a bike is using a bottle cage and a water bottle designed to fit neatly inside.

 Bicycle Boxes for Cars at AW Cycles

Bicycle Boxes for Cars and Bike Storage

Whether you are taking it to be repaired or bringing the kids bikes on holiday, transporting cycles can be very difficult. Very few cars are big enough to fit a bike safely without damaging both the bike and the car. To avoid this, manufacturers produce a large range of cycle carriers to carry the bikes externally by either attaching them to the rear of the car or on roof bars.

 Child Seats at AW Cycles

Child Seats

To carry a young children safely when you are out cycling we stock a range of child seats designed for kids between 9 months and 5 years of age. Keep your little ones safe with our range of child seats.

 Cycling Cameras at AW Cycles

Cycling Cameras

Helmet Cameras are a great way of keeping a record of your trips, journeys or even tricks as well as sharing tham later with everyone.

Bicycle Lights at AW Cycles

Bicycle Lights

To ride your bike in fading light or the dark, road laws require the rider to have a front light and a rear red light. It is also common sense from a safety point of view to use both as they help you to see where you are going and most importantly to allow cars to see you when you are riding.


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