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Transporting your Bike

Wheel, Bike and Kit Bags

Protective bags are an ideal way of keeping your bicycle and wheels safe whilst travelling. Kit bags allow you to carry your clothes, shoes and helmets with equal security and style. A varied range of soft and hard bicycle bags and cases are available from specialist companies such as Evoc, B&W International, Amrossio and Tifossi.


Soft & Padded Carriers

At the lowest end of the price range are simple foam padded soft cycle bags which are simple to use. All you have to do is remove the seat post and turn the bars around. These provide adequate protection for most journeys and for added piece of mind, extra wrapping such as bubble wrap and old clothes can be used. All of these carriers will come with carrying straps and internal pockets for spares or if wide enough for the wheels. Further up the range you will find bags with a rigid bottom and wheels for easy transportation. Additional padding will be used and often very well protected compartment is provided to keep your wheels safe.

Protective Hard Boxes

At the top end of the soft bag range you will find metal frames in the bag where your bike can be securely fastened. At the top end of the price range, hard boxes offer added protection and more importantly peace of mind. Alongside the bags used to protect a complete bicycle is a range of wheel bags. These vary in padded thickness to protect your wheels whilst in transit.

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