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Cyclocross Equipment

Cyclocross is a thrilling and demanding sport, and it comes with many specific equipment requirements that will ensure the fastest and safest ride. The ideal Cyclocross Bike set-up will allow you to ride like you are road-racing on the mud. A lightweight but sturdy frame is essential, so that you can easily mount, dismount and carry your bike, and so that the change in terrain can be absorbed.

Cyclocross Bikes

The geometry of Cyclocross Bikes is designed to make transitioning between running and riding as easy and efficient as possible while giving greater control over uneven terrain compared to a road bicycle. You’ll benefit from using lower gears because of the stop-start nature of the race. A multi-faceted riding experience like Cyclocross will be significantly affected by the smallest differences in set-up, so make sure you get it right!

Frame & Forks

Available in a range of materials, from Steel to Carbon, Cyclocross Forks and Frames have many features to aid the rider. There are shorter top tubes to provide a more versatile, upright riding position, and frames with wider spaced seat stays and cantilever brakes combine to give clearance for wider tyres and shed mud better. Shock-absorbing seatposts also improve comfort and functionality of the Cyclocross Bike.

Cyclo Cross Tyres

Cyclo Cross Tyres work best with standard 700c Wheels, allowing them to be used on rough terrain. Different seasons produce different conditions for the rider, and various tread patterns and depths are available to accommodate this. Dry ground will require a narrow, low tread, as low resistance is important, but on wet ground, grip becomes more of a priority and so wider tyres with increased tread are desirable.

On top of the above, additional equipment such as neoprene shorts to protect belongings and keep you dry are helpful. Try not to accessorise too much, as the lighter the bike, the further you’ll travel.

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