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Cyclocross Competitions

Cyclo Cross Team AW CyclesCyclocross takes place in a number of countries and at various times of the year, but there are places and seasons where it is strongest and a lot of competitions take place. Countries that are supportive of Road Cycling are very closely related to Cyclocross – Belgium, Holland and the Czech Republic. The various competitions have their own nuances but are essentially lap-based, last an hour and take place in the colder half of the year through autumn and winter.


Cyclo Cross Season

The sport is typically undertaken in the colder months because they provide the widest range of terrain difference. This makes the sport challenging and also allows it to complement many other local and international cycling sports. The World Championships are held in late January and the North American National Championships in November and December.

Cyclo Cross Competitions

There are three season-long Cyclocross competitions held every year – the UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup, the Cyclocross Superprestige and the Cyclocross Gazet Van Antwerpen. Each plays host to a worldwide range of competitors. The Cyclocross Superprestige and the Cyclocross Gazet Van Antwerpen both take place in Belgium and the Netherlands, whereas the World Cup takes place in a different country each year. The UCI Cyclocross World Championships are also annual but only last a fortnight in January. Other competitions include the Cross Crusade and U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, which are both exclusive to America.

Cyclocross has grown over the years to become an international sport, and the number of competitions held each year is representative of the enthusiasm and passion that is currently held for it.

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