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Sportif Cycling

Long randonees, for example the Etape De Tour or the Gran Fondo, are rapidly increasing in popularity. As a result, many manufacturers are producing super sportif specific bicycles that have a longer wheelbase, a more upright and comfortable riding position and compact chainsets.


Sportif Bike

Alternatively some road bikes lend themselves particularly well to long simulated races with large hills e.g. the "Giant SCR 2" - an excellent choice for a first timer. Most bicycles will require a triple chainset or a compact chainset at the very least. The material choice depends largely on budget. Aluminium is popular for smaller budgets, while comfort can be added through carbon components for the long periods spent in the saddle. Carbon is the best material for comfort and speed, if budget allows.


Sportif bike fittingMore experienced riders should consider a light, solid carbon road bicycle such as the De Rosa Avant (priced at around £2400).


Comfort is the most important factor and will be largely determined by fit. We strongly recommend a professional cycle fit to ensure that your money is spent on a bicycle that will offer the best possible comfort and efficiency.

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