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Keeping Safe on the Roads - What All Cyclists Need to Know……

Be Seen - One of the most important aspects of road safety is being seen; if drivers can see you, you have a much better chance of avoiding accidents. There is a huge range of high reflective clothing on the market to enhance your safety, from shorts and jerseys, through to gloves and shoes, all of which can be stylish as well as safe.

Be Protected - Helmets perhaps the most fundamental and important piece of equipment any cyclist can own is a decent helmet. The effects of so many accidents have been minimised through the wearing of a helmet. However, owning one is not sufficient; it is vital to get a correctly fitted helmet as otherwise the protection promised is not fully effective. Your local bike shop will be able to help you find the perfect helmet for you.

Lights - Although it is something we don’t consider a lot at this time of year, lights on a bike are vital. For the majority of the year, they are a must. Even if conditions are not fully dark, lights can provide that added safety factor; they can be fitted not only to your bike, but also to helmets and rucksacks to provide all round visibility. There are so many on the market, for all conditions, that there is no excuse for not having a light for every occasion!

Maintenance - It is essential to keep your bike maintained properly through regular servicing at a reputable bike shop; properly working brakes and gears are vital. However, often overlooked are the condition of your tyres; these need to be pumped up regularly to maintain stability and avoid blow outs. If the latter does occur, make sure that you have your neat puncture repair kit to hand!

Road Discipline - Wwe all know about how some cyclists behave on the road and the high emotions such behaviour elicits from car drivers. You need to be so aware of your position on the road, as otherwise accidents can easily be caused; courtesy and consideration for other road users is paramount. As more of us become cyclists, hopefully understanding between all road users will increase.

By following these 5 simple rules, hopefully the roads will be a safer place for all of us cyclists...