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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes, from trail riding and cross country to down hill and enduro the selection off off road bikes on the market today is mind boggling. There two main types of MTB (Mountain Bike), Full suspension and Hartail, and the main difference between them is the suspension on the rear of the bike. Full Susspension Mountain Bikes Used for trail and cross country but invented for the grueling downhill scene. With shocks on both wheels, front and back a full suspension (or Full Sus)bike can take the hardest of courses in its stride. The only down side is if you are not using gravity a lot then the efficiency of pedaling is not as good as a hardtail because some of your forse will get lost through the rear suspension. Hardtail Bikes Also known as front suspension bikes hardtails can easily be spotted for only having suspension on the front wheel. Large nobely tyres straight handlebars and good clearance for the wheels the same as their big brothers the full sus but with better power though the pedals and some say more controll. Used on many types of terrain including trails, enduro and cross country this is a versatile and much loved mountain bike.
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