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Base Layers

Selecting The Best Materials As water is a good heat conductor, damp garments draw precious heat away from your body. Even in conditions above freezing, this rapid heat loss can cause a dangerous drop in your body’s core temperature. The best base layer materials are synthetics (polypropylene and polyester). These are light and strong, absorb very little water and are quick to dry. Silk is lovely and cool against the skin when it’s hot but is not an excellent choice for Winter conditions. Seamless or flat-seam garments lie flat and won’t press into your skin under a harness or pack. The Purpose of Differing Layers Base layers should fit snugly without being constricting and are available in light, medium and heavy weights. Light layers suit aerobic activity where sweat dispersal is paramount. Midweight underwear provides moisture control and insulation for stop-and-go activities. Heavy layers are best in very cold conditions or when you’re relatively inactive. We stock base layers all year round from manufacturers such as Assos, Campagnolo, Nike and Altura.
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