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Mountain Bike Shoes

MTB Shoes All the shoes in this section are designed to accept cleats that will work with most different pedal systems. The cleat is recessed into the tread on the sole of the shoes so that they do not interfere with walking or running which is essential when hoping on and off MTB bikes on the trail and negotiating obstacles. If necessary, even with cleats some shoes can be used as normal shoes. Choosing The Right Footwear MTB shoes tend to come in two types. The first are designed to look like normal trainers or walking shoes, ideal for touring or normal mountain biking on the trail. The sole, although stiffer than a normal shoe will be flexible enough for comfortable walking and many come with laces instead of Velcro straps. The second type of shoes are more XC race orientated and from the top look very much like road shoes with supple leather and Velcro or ratchet closing systems. The difference to road shoes comes in the soles as they have tread for walking and often studs for extra grip whilst running with the bike up steep surfaces. The soles are stiffer than the more recreational shoes but not as stiff as road shoes. Composite materials have become common place towards the upper end of the ranges. For a complete easy comparison between the shoes that we stock, take a look through our shoe database which will also provide information on how each shoe might fit.
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