Cycling Overshoes

One of the worst aspects of riding in the rain is soaking wet feet where your shoes become heavy with water and your socks soak through causing your feet to get colder and colder. To combat this, the best item that can be purchased is a pair of waterproof overshoes that fit over the top of the shoes and ankle with a hole in the sole for the cleat to fit through.

Watertight Material
Materials vary from neoprene to Gore-Tex®, which will keep the worst of the wet from your feet. It has to be said that when riding in really wet weather, water will always find a way in, normally down the leg. Wearing overshoes will certainly keep the foot warmer even when wet as it provides a valuable insulating layer from wind chill. If it is not raining but the road is wet they will certainly work well to keep feet dry and shoes clean. We stock shoes from manufacturers such as Altura, Endura and Assos.

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