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Road Bike Shoes

Road Shoes Road shoes are designed to give the rider a solid stiff platform to transfer the most amount of power through the pedals and propel the bike. Unlike mountain bike shoes they are not designed to be walked on as the cleats attached to the sole are larger and generally made of plastics. They also have no tread on the bottom so walking can be precarious and also bad for the cleats. Road shoes utilise all the latest materials with synthetic stiff plastic soles and uppers made of leather, even on the budget shoes. As prices rise, a full carbon sole becomes common place. This sole is incredibly stiff but due to the qualities of carbon can still feel comfortable. Deciding On The Right Fit These shoes often come with different closure ratchet systems, keeping the foot held securely to avoid loss of power but still comfortable enough for long rides. The correct fit with road shoes is all important, not just for power transfer but also for comfort. With a bad fitting shoe the foot can go numb, developing pins and needles which can make a long ride very uncomfortable. We stock a range of shoes at all price points from manufacturers such as Northwave, Shimano, Sidi and DMT. For further information have a look through our shoe database which includes information on how each shoe might fit. Some manufacturers naturally make wide fitting shoes while others have to produce especially wide versions to cater for the different shapes of peoples feet.
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