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Cycling Glasses

Eyewear for Cyclists Any active cyclist will testify that cycle glasses are an essential piece of biking equipment and, in some cases, the most important of all cycling accessories. While cycle glasses come in a range of styles and colours, they are always an important feature to ensure safety on a ride. There’s more to it than protection from bright sunlight. The eyes are continually exposed to natural elements. Factors such as wind resistance, dirt and debris, as well as harmful UV rays can be stressful to your eyes. This is why it is very important to make certain your eyes are covered and protected whether out on the open road or on an enclosed track.Cycle eyewear has been made especially for the sport. These glasses are designed differently than traditional eyewear and provide excellent protection while supplying cyclists with full clarity of vision. When shopping for a pair of cycle glasses there are a few factors to take into consideration. Your biking environment will have an effect the type of glasses you should get. You will need to think about your face shape as well, which will influence the style and do not forget to contemplate the colour of lenses. Many brands provide interchangeable lenses, which is a great idea for those who bike during different times of the day and for those who ride their bikes year round in all weathers. Sunny days call for a darker shade while night riding requires clear lenses and amber or red coatings can act as light enhancing lenses on overcast, dull days.Biking for long periods of time means exposing your eyes to the sun’s brightness and Uv rays. There are numerous types of cycle glasses available that offer accessory lenses to complement different environments, so as a general guide, paying for more expensive shades gives you better UV protection, greater scratch resistance, better comfort and more effective anti-fog lens coatings.
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