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Cycling Tops

Cycling Jerseys, Jackets & Tops Want to know the secret to staying warm and comfortable in the outdoors? Layer your clothing. Layers allow you to build a tiny microclimate that surrounds your body and can be adapted to moisture, wind, temperature and exertion. The inner-most layer is critical because it is in direct contact with your skin. Insulating Base Layers Base layers should transport moisture away from the skin and disperse it to the air or outer layers where it can evaporate. The mid-layer provides insulation and continues the transportation of moisture from the inner layer. To slow heat loss, this layer must be capable of retaining the warmth generated by your body. Different Layers To Combat The Elements Additional features, such as arm pit zippers and full-length front zippers allow venting. As with the inner layer, this layer should be snug but not constricting. The outer layer protects you from the elements and should allow air to circulate and excess moisture to escape. For dry conditions, a breathable (uncoated) wind shell or a smooth-surfaced soft shell may be all you need. If you expect conditions to be more severe, a waterproof (coated) rain jacket might be adequate. A shell made of a breathable and waterproof fabric, such as Gore-Tex® will protect you from the wind and rain and allow water vapor to escape. At AW Cycles we stock a broad range of jerseys and tops with stock levels of each garment depending on the time of year. Obviously more short sleeve garments are stocked in the summer with a host of long sleeve jerseys and jackets available in the winter, from all the leading manufacturers such as Assos, ampagnolo, Northwave, Coreen Dennis, Nike and Addidas.
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