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Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets are the final piece of the layering system that most manufacturers use to design their clothing range around. Materials and the conditions they are designed to cope with vary, as does the type of riding they are to be used with, but all are designed to be the outer layer covering and protecting the rider. Modern materials such as Gore-Tex® are effective in protecting the rider from water and wind whilst still allowing moisture to escape and cool down the body without overheating. Reflective Safety Features Many jackets have rear zip pockets to store food or spares. For safety they will often be made in high visibility colours or have reflective strips stitched into them which are especially good for commuting or riding in bad light or indeed the dark. We stock a range of jackets in all price ranges, from value for money companies such as Altura to the top of the range jackets from Assos. Although at the top end of the market Assos offer incredible garments with the only problem being that once worn nothing else will do.
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