Long Sleeved Jerseys

Long Sleeve Jerseys
As part of the layering system, long sleeve jerseys can be worn as a mid layer and an outer layer. Most manufacturers will make a range of different long sleeve jerseys from lightweight materials for summer use and tops that incorporate wind stopping fabrics on the vulnerable area of the chest, to much thick winter fleece lined tops which border on being described as jackets and provide a good level of warmth.

Variable Density & Styles
All thicknesses are available with short or full zips and nearly all cycling specific jerseys come with three or four rear pockets to keep food, spares or rain proof tops in when riding. We stock long sleeve Jerseys from manufacturers such as Nike, Northwave, Altura, Assos and Campagnolo. Most products are seasonal with some jerseys produced specifically for winter and so generally available through the winter months and likewise for warm weather, some tops are only available in the summer months.

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