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Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Mitts Traditionally known as track mitts, cycle mitts are designed to protect your hands and provide comfort whilst cycling on or off road. Made to specifically fit men and women, cycle mitts are fingerless and short; only covering the hands from the first set of knuckles to the heel of the hand/start of the wrist. Contoured Padding Whilst cycle mitts do provide some warmth and weather protection they are mainly designed for summer use and were traditionally string-backed to provide a cooling airflow to the hands. Modern cycle mitts have mesh or lightweight, stretch Lycra backs to provide the rider with cool lightweight gloves. The palms of bike mitts are cushioned, padded or even gel filled to relieve pressure on the hands caused by riding position and shocks from uneven road or track surfaces. Padding is contoured and ergonomically designed to allow flexibility and maintain a strong grip function. Cushioning covers most of the palm and in particular the heel of the hand and joints at the base of the fingers. However, the main area of padding in a cycle mitt is concentrated over the ridge at the base of the thumb and is designed to prevent numbness in the hand caused by pressure on the median nerve. This problem is particularly common in cyclists with a sharp angled ride style and off road cyclists riding on rough terrain as the continuous weight and vibrations on the hands aggravate the median nerve. Ergonomic Fastenings Mitt Velcro fastenings are ergonomically designed to make mitts easy to take on and off and are also positioned so that the Velcro does not irritate the cyclist’s hand or wrist whilst it is flexed in the riding position. Most modern cycle mitts have finger grips for cycling confidence and soft fleece thumbs for wiping eyes or noses. We stock a broad range of mitts from manufactures such as North Wave, Assos, Campagnolo and Nike.
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