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Arm/Knee/Legwarmers Arm, knee and leg warmers are a great solution to the dilemma faced by most cyclists when deciding what to put on in changeable weather. These garments vary in form, thickness and are usually made from lycra. Keeping The Body Warm Arm warmers fit along the length of the arm from the wrists to just below the shoulder. Knee warmers fit from just below the knee to the top of the thigh, while leg warmers fit from the ankle to the top of the thigh. At either end an elastic strip is stitched into the material to hold them in place. With leg warmers, the shorts that they fit under also stop them from sliding down. Great For Sports & Outdoor Activity All three can be great for morning rides when you set out and there is a chill in the air. It’s too cold for just shorts and a short sleeve top, but just right for body warmers. When the body and the air warm up these accessories can be easily rolled down or removed and put in the back pocket, either whilst you’re riding or quickly and easily when you’ve stopped. They can also be useful when climbing in the mountains. Keep them rolled down when going uphill and simply roll them back up when descending to stay warm. We stock a range of arm, knee and leg warmers from manufacturers such as Campagnolo, Assos, Adidas and Nike all year round.
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