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Baggy Shorts

Baggy Shorts In general, mountain bikers prefer a more relaxed casual look to that on the road. Baggy shorts and tops are the norm for most off road trail riding. This does not mean that the clothing is any less superior, but with the different culture comes a different more everyday look. The baggy shorts normally contain an inner lining with a chamois pad similar to that found in road shorts which provides comfort for long rides in the saddle. From the outside they look like a nice fashionable pair of baggy shorts. Most modern shorts are produced in special fabrics with wicking properties to draw the moisture away from the skin and regulate the body temperature whilst riding hard. The materials are also often hard wearing and designed to withstand light falls and brushes from branches. Extreme Downhill Shorts We stock a range of shorts for downhill extreme riding. The requirements of Downhill MTB are such that time in the saddle is short and the danger of falling is high so the clothing doesn’t need to be light or moisture wicking. It needs to be hard wearing and with the strong culture of the downhill scene it needs to be fashionable! Most clothing used to ride in tends to be large in order to fit over the body armour that is an essential protective layer for the dangers of downhill. Often the shorts will contain their own protective layer in vulnerable areas in order to protect both the rider beneath and the fabric of the clothing. We stock a range of shorts from manufacturers such as Fox, Adidas, 661, Enddura and Sombrio.
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