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Bib Shorts and Knickers

Bib Shorts Most road cyclists will wear bib shorts which are an all in one short with a vest or bib attached with straps over the shoulders. By having the bib the shorts can provide a very snug fit allowing the chamois pad to be held tight. Restricting the movement lessens irritation and chafing which is vital when riding any distance, but especially for longer distances on a daily basis. Finding The Correct Fit Bib shorts can also give a more comfortable fit with no awkward waste line, which on a badly fitted pair of shorts can dig in when bent over in the cycling position. The materials used tend to be modern wicking materials and so can be used as part of the layering system, removing moisture from the skin and helping to keep the rider warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We stock a large range of bib shorts from manufacturers such as Nike, Campagnolo, Adidas and Assos.
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