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Bib Tights

Bib Tights We stock a range of lycra trousers or tights attached seamlessly to a bib which fits over the body and shoulder. The benefits for wearing a bib are exactly the same as when wearing bib shorts in that the tabard keeps the tights from slipping down, which can cause rubbing and chafing. As an added benefit this also provides an extra insulating layer for cold winter riding. Extra Outer Layers Most manufacturers produce versions in their range with either a stitched in chamois pad, enabling the trousers to be worn on their own or without a pad, designed to work as an outer layer over a pair of shorts. Fleece Lining With a large range of technologically advanced fabrics, manufacturers such as Assos produce a broad range of tights designed for different weather conditions. These include thin tights for milder days to a tight that has strategically placed wind proof material to keep the chill from vulnerable areas such as your knees. You can enjoy light fleece lining or even full-on winter tights with a wind stopping outer fabric and a thick fleece lining. Warmth & Ventilation Bib tights can be very warm, so manufacturers use materials that not only stop the air getting in but also let the hot air and sweat escape. There is no point in having a fantastic warm pair of tights only for them to get soaked in sweat. Bear in mind, the wind chill on wet clothing can be colder than not wearing tights at all. For further advice on the types of materials used and the correct bib tights for the riding that you intend to do have a look through our buyers guides or contact one of our experts.
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