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Stretch Shorts and Liners

Road Shorts Lycra cycling shorts without a bib that tighten at the waist are known as road shorts. This garment is designed for those who want a comfortable pair of lycra shorts that wont rub and chafe during the different types of riding, whether it be on the road, in the country, on short casual rides or long distance touring. Most will come with a synthetic chamois pad stitched into the lining to provide that extra layer of comfort whilst in the saddle. Simple Cycling Shorts This type of short is ideal for riders wanting a simple pair of cycling shorts that are easy to take on and off, as well as those who don’t require the extra benefits of a pair of bib shorts or the extra cost involved. We stock a large range of lycra cycling shorts from manufacturers such as Campagnolo, Endura, Altura and Assos.
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