At AW Cycles we stock all kinds of non lycra trousers designed for a variety of roles. Most cycling specific baggy trousers are used as an outer layer over other shorts or trousers and provide valuable protection against the elements.

Staying Dry Underneath
Companies such as Altura produce a range of trousers in either windproof and or waterproof materials. These garments are ideal for commuting in bad weather and when it is important to keep the person and the clothing underneath dry. These trousers are also useful for other outdoor pursuits such as walking.

Fashionable Trousers
Alongside the outer trousers we also stock a range of fashionable trousers from suppliers such as Sombrio and Oakley. These products range from bike specific baggy trousers for down hill racing, to more casual jeans that can be worn on the bike, but are designed mainly for use off it. With MTB and BMX riding, the lifestyle and culture is just as important as the sport. We feel it is important to stock a whole range of clothing that meets the needs of the rider.

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