Body Armour

Body Armour
Body armour is essential for both down hill riding and trials riding where falls are commonplace. At high speed the impacts can be on the serious side and so an extra layer of protection is a wise move.

Breaking Your Fall
Modern day body armour covers the knee and shin. Elbow, shoulder and chest and wrist supports can help the rider when falling when the hand is instinctively put out to break the fall. Manufacturers even produce all in one armour suits to cover most of the body for extreme descents.

Benefits of Armour
With modern day plastics and Kevlar materials, armour is light, easily wearable and needn’t cost the earth. The confidence that the armour can give you will make a huge difference to the speed that you ride at and most importantly provide an invaluable layer of protection when a crash does occur. We stock a full range of body armour from manufacturers such as 661 and Fox.

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