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Cycling Helmets & Headwear Cycle helmets are an essential safety element when riding. Although not compulsory by law at present, it is rare to see riders on the roads without a helmet, especially amongst traffic. Helmets are produced in a huge variety of shapes and sizes for all kinds of riding, sizes of head and age of rider. Modern style bike helmets are ultra strong but extremely lightweight. Commonly used materials are a combination of carbon fibre and foam, moulded to prevent weak joints in the helmet that could collapse on impact. Lightweight Composite Materials All the helmets we stock at AW Cycles pass British law for safety standards at all price points, but it is vital to note that if involved in a crash or the helmet receives a heavy impact then it must be replaced. Helmets are designed to break in order to disperse an impact, so the safety will be compromised. With composite materials more readily available, as the price increases helmets become lighter and more vented with a great deal of choice in design. At AW Cycles we sell helmets for use on the road, off road, BMX (lids) childrens helmets, Aero Time trial helmets and full face helmets form manufactures such as Giro, Bell, Met, Rudy Project and Limar. For further information about technology, safety, uses and fitting have a look through our clothing buyers guides.
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