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Road Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle Helmet for drop handle bars bikes A bike helmet for racing or road use, these helmets are designed to sit further back on the head to complement the different position adopted whilst riding a drop handled bike. As road cyclists are often on the road for a prolonged period a bicycle helmet can make the head get hot, especially whist riding uphill, a good road helmet needs be lightweight and well vented. With legislation by the International Cycling Union (UCI) which makes the wearing of a helmet is compulsory whilst racing, companies such as Kask, and Giro have invested a lot of money in sponsoring professional teams in the biggest races such as the Tour de France so that they can test and develop their cycling helmets at the highest level. This enables them to get the lightest and most vented bicycle helmet possible without sacrificing safety. As with many cycling products the manufacturers produce for consumers exactly the same product used by the professionals, that can even be purchased in team colours. .
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