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Car Roof Boxes and Cycle Carriers

Car Roof Boxes and BIke Carrier for Car Whether you are taking it to be repaired or bringing the kids bikes on holiday, transporting cycles can be very difficult withoutr a car roof bike rack. Very few cars are big enough to fit a bike safely without damaging both the bike and the car. To avoid this, manufacturers produce a large range of cycle carriers to carry the bikes externally by either attaching them to the rear of the car or on roof bars. Bike Rack Attachments There are many different ways to attach racks to the car and in turn, bikes to the racks. With so many different shaped cars this also means that lots of carriers are produced specific to the make and model of a particular vehicle. We also stock roof boxes for trips away when the car is full and the bikes are securely strapped to a rack on the boot of you car. These attach to roof bars and provide extra storage to get everything you need from A to B without having to leave one of the children behind. We offer a large range of racks and roof boxes from top manufacturers such as Saris, Hollywood, Thule and Pendle. For more advice on the compatibility of roof racks and fitting, contact one of our experts who will be happy to advise.
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