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Child Seats

To carry a young children safely when you are out cycling we stock a range of child seats designed for kids between 9 months and 5 years of age. The seats can be fitted simply and quickly onto the bike either behind the rider, on the cross bar or ahead of the handlebars facing the front. The seats attach in different ways depending on the manufacturer. Hamax seats for example use a safety bracket system that attaches to the frame; either on the seat tube for rear seats and cross bars or head tube for front seats. These seats will fit on most bikes although we do not advise installation on small framed bikes or full suspension bikes. Most Seat these days fit onto a standard rack which is great because when the seat is not required it can be removed and the rack can be used for standard luggage purposes. These seats will only be compatible with bikes designed to accept pannier racks. All of the seats that we sell comply with the 2005 European Safety Standard for child seats EN 14344.
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