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Lights To ride your bike in fading light or the dark, road laws require the rider to have a front light and a rear red light. It is also common sense from a safety point of view to use both as they help you to see where you are going and most importantly to allow cars to see you when you are riding. Standard Bulbs & Efficient LEDs Bicycle lighting essentially comes in four different types. At the lower end of the price range are standard battery filament bulb lights which will allow cars to see you and are sufficient to ride around lit streets. This variety tend to be quite large and battery thirsty. The second type is LED (light emitting diode) lights which are very powerful, energy efficient and small. Depending on the amount of LEDs in the light they can be suitable for town riding or limited riding on unlit roads. Rechargeable Units The third type is rechargeable battery lights designed with a variety of different units that attach to the bike and power either LEDs or standard filament bulbs. These lights are both bright and powerful and can be used in pitch black environments such as dark woods when mountain biking. They are power hungry units and need to be charged after each ride. Modern Dynamos The fourth type is dynamos which work with a generator rubbing on the tyre to create power to light the bulb or LED. These are by far the most energy efficient lights and thanks to modern technology they are no longer heavy and inefficient. At AW Cycles we stock a huge range of lights for all uses and to fit all types of bikes; from leading manufacturers such as Cateye, Topeak, Busch & Muller and USE.
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