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Dynamo Lights

If you do a lot of night riding then a dynamo light is a good choice. No messing around with batteries or any fading out at the time you need them most. You carry your own power source with you and can ride through the night with confidence. Dynamo front lamps tend to come in two levels of brightness: 2.4W, for use with a standard 0.6W rear lamp and 3W, using the whole output of the dynamo. Built-in Standlights are a great feature to look out for is that many dynamo lights (front and rear) are now available with a standlight. This is a small built-in battery which powers either the main lamp or an LED for a few minutes after you stop pedaling. A standlight is a sound choice, which you should always make if possible. A standard dynamo rear light is 0.6W and markedly less bright than the LED models. Advanced LED Dynamos with four LEDs that run on batteries or a dynamo. These models also have a standlight and a built-in automatic light-sensitive and time-delay switch. LED based lamps are ultimately brighter per watt consumed, so we tend to recommend this kind for the rear of your bike. You can purchase LED lights as individual front or rear lights or as a convenient set from manufacturers such as Busch & Muller

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